Why would you choose to see me?

These are extremely difficult and unusual times. Many of us find ourselves isolated and cut off from our normal routines—work, family, activities. You may be grappling with anxiety, sadness, and overwhelming changes. Events have a ripple effect in our lives, impacting not just us but also our families, friends, and community. Learning skills to better cope can help us become better parents, coworkers, and friends. Therapy has a ripple effect.

I bring three decades of experience as a therapist, educator, administrator, and supervisor providing mental and behavioral health care for individuals and families across the lifespan. I treat individuals and families experiencing the effects of trauma, addiction, and poverty. With a focus on mental wellness, I help individuals and families identify and explore obstacles and develop effective strategies to address these challenges using research-based practices.

I also provide consultation, training, supervision, psychological assessment, and testing to both individuals and organizations.

To schedule an appointment, click here or call 541.499.0344. My goal is to answer all communications within one business day and schedule appointments within five business days whenever possible.

Counseling & Consulting by

Alan Ledford, PhD

Dr. Alan Ledford is a licensed psychologist in Oregon and California. He holds an MA and PhD in clinical psychology from the Wright Institute and a BA in clinical and organizational psychology from Antioch University. He is particularly interested in studying, understanding, and treating the effects of trauma from a neurobiological perspective.

How Can Dragonfly BHC Help You?

Below are a few examples of Dr. Alan Ledford’s counseling and consulting services.

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Individual & Family Therapy

Counseling specializations include therapeutic interventions to address the effects of trauma, addiction, and poverty.

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Psychological Evaluation

If you or your organization would like psychological testing and evaluation services, Dr. Ledford can help.

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Dr. Ledford provides consulting on compliance and accreditation as well as organizational development.

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